What happened in Syria?

Here are lots of facts that chemical weapons were used in Syria. But who used them?

U.S. Government says:


“The United States Government assesses with high confidence that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburbs on August 21, 2013. We further assessthat the regime used a nerve agent in the attack. These all-source assessments are based on human, signals, and geospatial intelligence as well as a significant body of open source reporting. Our classified assessments have been shared with the U.S. Congress and key international partners. To protect sources and methods, we cannot publicly release all available intelligence – but what follows is an unclassified summary of the U.S. Intelligence Community’s analysis of what took place.

A preliminary U.S. government assessment determined that 1,429 people were killed in the chemical weapons attack, including at least 426 children, though this assessment will certainly evolve as we obtain more information.“


Well, another point of view – Russian Pravda.ru writes:


“If the United States strike Syria without a sanction from the UN, the world community must demand the Nobel committee should deprive Barack Obama of the Peace Prize, – the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexei Pushkov said. “

And then, Russian Pravda.ru also writes:

“If the investigators’ mandate is only to confirm what is already “is undeniable,” in John Kerry’s words, why were the UN investigators stripped of the mandate of determining “who” used the chemical weapons in Syria, if not to leave it up to the U.S. & partners to decide in advance as a prejudged conclusion that “There’s no doubt who is responsible: The Syrian regime,” according to Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday, to be consistent with their plans for a regime change in Damascus, and let the truth go to hell.”


And even more “interesting observations“ from Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency:


“In an exclusive interview with IRNA, editor of the online military-diplomatic magazine “Purple Beret”, Atul Bhardwaj said: “For how long will the Israeli-American lies continue to maim people? They lied to occupy Iraq. They broadcast half-truths to invade Afghanistan. We are, now, witness to their cunning and conspiracy in creating the so-called colored revolutions.”
Exposing the joint conspiracy of the Western countries to invade Syria, he said: Somewhere, the world needs to tell the people that all the Western broadcast on Chemical attacks by Syrian government is another American ploy to indulge in greater acts of barbarism and crimes against humanity. In case of Syria, they have become more brazen.
They have been openly arming the rebels, creating terrorists in Syria. And now even before anything could be proved about the Chemical attacks in Damascus, The US and Britain have already passed a verdict against the Syrian army, he added.“


Strange? Not really. The world is still divided. What is the most important? Human life? Democracy? Each state´s power?

Who is bad? Who is good?

Yes, I care, yes: We can see the world like We want because We can read every possible information… but the mass media war is there without no doubt. And the cruel true: another people were killed in Syria…

There is a lot of love between young US´s, Russia´s, Syria´s and Iran´s girls and boys…

And people still write poetry in these countries!



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